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Viet Manufacturing Content Leader

I am Viet Tien Nguyen, a technical manager and content leader at Viet Manufacturing. I majored in Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering from Monash University. My journey with Viet Manufacturing has started since 2016. After the first three years as a part-time employee, I worked full-time from 2019 until now. My main task is to conduct research and development for Viet Manufacturing’s production process.

The daily encounter with technical issues at the factory helps our research team constantly learn and enhance our production process to be safer and more efficient. Along with that, we compile the knowledge and experience in the form of articles for free publishing on Viet Manufacturing. Our content team at Viet Manufacturing always aims to provide the most valuable and accurate information to enthusiasts of metal fabrication.

Author University Degree certificate
Author University Degree certificate

Our Author Purpose

Viet Manufacturing offers informative articles based on concrete experiences at our factory. Besides being the materials for our manufacturing team, the ultimate purpose of these articles is to share the greatest and most updated intels about metal fabrication to our esteemed readers.

Our Author Goal And Vision

With the goal of offering high-quality articles, Viet Manufacturing guarantees to be your most reliable site in the market. We put a huge amount of dedication, discipline, and time in all our published articles.

On top of that, information accuracy makes us stand out from a wide array of websites with ambiguous and unclear data. If you are searching for trusted sources of metal fabrication knowledge, you can always count on us to be your guides.