Kartar Combine Harvesters: Indian Leader Secret Revealed [2021]

Meta: If you are hesitant about purchasing Kartar combine harvesters, this article is for you. You will learn everything about the company and its latest models.

Kartar combine harvesters are reputed for their top-notch quality and innovative technology. Established in 1975, Kartar Agro Industries has risen up to become the market leader in the Indian market today.

Thus, to open my series on reviewing many combine harvester companies, I choose the famous Kartar brand.

In this article, I will provide you with the following information:

  • Quick overview on Kartar Agro Industries Company.
  • Extensive analysis on Kartar’s latest combine harvester models.
  • Reliable retailers to purchase your desired Kartar machines.

Without further ado, let’s begin this first review journey.

Kartar Combine Harvesters
Picture 01 – Kartar Combine Harvesters

Quick Rundown On Kartar Agro Industries

This section contains brief information about the Kartar company, including its business, history, product offerings, and distribution network.

1. Basic Information About Kartar Agro Industries

A good practice in getting to know about something is to note down some of its basic information before diving into more detailed aspects. Here are certain fundamental points of Kartar:

Table 01 – Basic Information About Kartar Agro Industries

Company Full Name Kartar Agro Industries Private Limited
Established Year 1975
Company Address Amloh Road, Bhadson, Patiala – 147202, Punjab, India

Number Of Employee 201 – 500
Product Offerings Combine harvesters and other agricultural equipments
Sales Network 41 dealers throughout India

2. Development Milestones Of Kartar Agro Industries

The journey of Kartar began in 1975, with the inception of Sir Amarjit Singh as a small unit. Since its genesis, the company has conquered a great number of challenges and hurdles to develop and establish itself as the market leader in Indian today.

Kartar Agro Industries Logo
Picture 02 – Kartar Agro Industries Logo

Customers worldwide regard Kartar combine harvesters and other agricultural equipment as the synonym of quality and innovation. The company always focuses on researching and delivering the highest quality through its product offerings.

This focus is further cemented by the establishment of Kartar Agro Engineering Private Limited in 1998. The opening of this entity helps separate the research and development wing from the sales business of Kartar Agro Industries.

Over the time span of Kartar development, the company has received many awards. They are the vigorous recognition of its endless contribution. Specifically, Kartar received the most prestigious National Award by the President of India in 1989 and 2011.

The company also won the Gold Medal for Quality by the Government of Punjab, owing to its installation of cutting-edge CNC and plasma machines for the production. These facilities allow Kartar to offer the highest precision level in manufacturing its agricultural machines.

3. Product Offerings Of Kartar Agro Industries

I have summarized all product offerings of Kartar Agro Industries in the following table.

Table 02 – Product Offerings Of Kartar Agro Industries

Combine Harvesters Kartar-4000


Kartar-4000 Maize

Kartar-4000 AC Cabin

Karter-4000 4×4


Kartar-3500 G

Kartar-3500 W

Kartar-360 TAF

Tractors Kartar Globetrac 9036


Kartar Globetrac 7536

Kartar Globetrac 6036

Kartar 5536

Kartar Globetrac 5036

Other Agricultural Equipment Kartar Rotavator


Kartar Straw Reaper

Kartar Agricultural Rake

Kartar Knotter

Kartar Roto Seed Drill

You can be confident about Kartar products’ quality as all the models mentioned above have been tested and certified by two trusted organizations, including:

  • Central Farm Machinery Training And Testing Institute, Budni.
  • Northern Region Farm Machinery Training And Testing Centre, Hisar.

Also, the company’s offerings meet the famous standard ISO 9001:2008, guaranteeing the highest quality and constant innovation in every machine.

4. Distribution Network Of Kartar Agro Industries

Besides being the market leader in India with the sales network of 41 dealers, Kartar Agro Industries is also trusted in many other foreign nations, such as Pakistan, Myanmar, Sudan, Zambia, South Africa, Bangladesh, etc.

Currently, the company is capable of producing 3,000 combine harvesters yearly to serve its customer base.

Extensive Analysis On Kartar’s Latest Combine Harvesters

This section is probably the main reason you come here, as it will introduce and analyze all the latest models of Kartar combine harvesters.

Please note that I will only focus on reviewing combine harvesters. Thus, other offerings like tractors and agricultural equipment shall be excluded in this part.

Before going into the details of each model, it is a good practice to have an overall look at the company’s combine harvester category.

Table 03 – Overview On Each Kartar Combine Harvester

Kartar Combine Harvesters Dimension


L x W (x H)

Kartar-4000 8,535 x 4,199 mm 9,150 kg
Kartar-4000 Maize 8,000 x 4,520 mm 9,500 kg
Kartar-4000 AC Cabin N/A N/A
Kartar-4000 4×4 N/A N/A
Kartar-3500 7,315 x 3,050 x 3,353 mm 6,095 kg
Kartar-3500 G 6,300 x 2,350 x 3,250 mm 4,700 kg
Kartar-3500 W 6,100 x 2,133 x 3,050 mm 4,600 kg
Kartar-360 TAF 5,500 x 2,590 x 2,890 mm 4,400 kg

Group #1: Kartar-4000 Combine Harvester

This self-propelled combine group includes four (04) models as follows:

  • Kartar-4000 Standard
  • Kartar-4000 Maize
  • Kartar-4000 AC Cabin
  • Kartar-4000 4×4
Four Models Of Kartar-4000 Combine Harvester Group
Picture 03 – Four Models Of Kartar-4000 Combine Harvester Group

All four models share the similar specifications, including:

  • 6-cylinder engine
  • Water cooling system
  • 4,400 mm cutter bar with the cutting height ranging from 100 mm to 1,000 mm
  • Thresher drum of 600 mm in diameter and 1,260 mm in length
  • Thresher drum’s speed ranging from 535 to 1,210 RPM
  • Pick-up reel type with hydraulic height adjustment
  • Concave clearance of 16 to 39 mm
  • Fuel tank volume of 380 litres (highest!)
  • Grain tank volume of 2.1 cubic metre

Apart from the above similarities in terms of specifications, each model possesses its own USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

If the standard version of Kartar-4000 is for the general reaping – threshing – winnowing process, Kartar-4000 Maize is more specialized in maize collecting.

Kartar-4000 AC Cabin has its peculiar driving cabin which provides a more advanced controlling system. It is also covered in glasses, helping the driver stay safe and immune to even the toughest weather conditions.

Overall, this Kartar-4000 group focuses on delivering high speed and efficient performance. If you notice, the figure 4000 in the model name is the highest among other offerings, signaling this group as Kartar’s top performer.

Made from standard raw materials that conforms to the industrial norms, all models from this Kartar-4000 group are versatile solutions to your varying agricultural demands, from reaping to threshing and winnowing procedures.

These models are characterized by the three following traits:

  • Speedy operation
  • Energy saving
  • Requiring less maintenance

If you are interested, feel free to check out Kartar-4000 combine price in Punjab via the company’s homepage.

Group #2: Kartar-3500 Combine Harvester

There are three (03) models in this particular Kartar-3500 group, which are:

  • Kartar-3500 Standard
  • Kartar-3500 G
  • Kartar-3500 W
Three Models Of Kartar-3500 Combine Harvester Group
Picture 04 – Three Models Of Kartar-3500 Combine Harvester Group

The Kartar-3500 group belongs to the middle range of Kartar offerings. Its three models share the following features:

  • 4-cylinder engine
  • Water cooling system
  • Thresher drum of 600 mm in diameter and 765 – 890 mm in length
  • Pick-up reel type with hydraulic height adjustment
  • Concave clearance of 16 to 39 mm
  • Fuel tank volume of 100 – 140 litres
  • Grain tank volume of 1.4 – 2.4 cubic metres

However, these three models are quite divergent in terms of the cutter bar specification. This difference is clarified in the following table:

Table 04 – Cutter bar specifications of three Kartar-3500 models

Model Cutter Bar Length Cutter Range
Kartar-3500 2740 mm or 3040 mm 100 – 700 mm
Kartar-3500 G 2300 mm N/A
Kartar-3500 W 2,133 mm 100 – 500 mm

Whenever someone mentions Kartar-3500 group, they are referring to the below unique traits:

  • Robust structure
  • Capable of wet land harvesting
  • High crop recovery
  • Low fuel consumption

Group #3: Kartar-360 TAF Combine Harvester

This last combine harvester group of Kartar refers to only one model, Kartar-360 TAF. This model is the lowest range of Kartar, suitable for small-scale projects.

Kartar-360 TAF has the following specifications:

  • Thresher drum of 560 mm in diameter with 8 rasp bars
  • 2,133 mm cutter bar
  • Pick-up reel type with hydraulic height adjustment
  • Fuel tank volume of 65 litres (lowest!)

Where To Buy Kartar Combine Harvesters

You can either contact Kartar directly for the purchase or browse certified dealers such as Indiamart or Tractor Junction.

Where To Buy Kartar Combine Harvesters
Picture 05 – Where To Buy Kartar Combine Harvesters

Updated Price Of Kartar Combine Harvesters [2021]

Here are the most updated prices of various Kartar combine harvester models. You should use them as references. However, please contact the retailers or Kartar themselves for the best quotations.

Table 05 – Updated prices of Kartar combine harvester models

Kartar Combine Models Price Of 2021
Kartar-4000 $27,320
Kartar-4000 Maize $36,205
Kartar-4000 AC Cabin $34,155
Kartar-4000 4×4 $29,375
Kartar-3500 $25,890
Kartar-3500 G $32,240
Kartar-3500 W $32,240
Kartar-360 TAF $32,240


Pros And Cons Of Kartar Combine Harvesters

This part provides my brief assessment on Kartar combine harvesters in a general manner.


  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Long-established and reputed brand name
  • Quite diverse combine harvester models


  • Limited published information
  • No brochure available for reference

Final Verdict On Kartar Combine Harvesters

There you are. You have gone over everything about Kartar combine harvesters, and other related information of the company.

I hope you have already selected for yourself one or two desired options for your combine harvester purchase. If you are still hesitant, let’s contact Kartar directly to get more detailed intels on the products.

Thank you for reading! Salute!

Frequently Asked Questions On Kartar Combine Harvesters

This section is built to answer all your inquiries about Kartar combine harvesters.


1. What is the price of a Kartar combine harvester?
2. What distinguishes Kartar combine harvesters from other brands?
3. Besides combine harvesters, what else does Kartar offer?


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